The Aim of the Society

The Ramanujan Mathematical Society (RMS), founded in 1985, has the main purpose of promoting Mathematics at all levels. All through these years, the Society has received immense support from Mathematics Fraternity both in India and abroad, due to which the Society has succeeded in expanding its wings multifold in its efforts to promote Mathematics. Through some of its important publications shown below, the Society has been carrying out its unstinted efforts in the spread of knowledge of Mathematics. Recently, one of the distinguished members, Professor  Manjul Bhargava, in collaboration with Clay Institute of Mathematics, USA, has instituted the Bhargava-Clay Fellowship of the RMS. This will go a long way in encouraging the upcoming researchers in achieving greater heights in research.

The Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society has entered into agreements of exchange with several Indian and Foreign Journals, which will help in promoting Research in Mathematics at International level. American Mathematical Society has joined hands with the Ramanujan Mathematical Society and has been in charge of Sales and Circulation of the Journal of The Ramanujan Mathematical Society in all countries except India. (Ramanujan Mathematical Society manages the Sale and Circulation of its Journal within India).

The Society has also been publishing a Lecture Notes Series in Mathematics. Please follow the the link below, for more details.

Within India, the Society is actively spreading the news and developments in Mathematics through its publication, Mathematics Newsletter, which is fully funded by the National Board for Higher Mathematics, India. This Newsletter is published both in print and on the webpage the Ramanujan Mathematical Society. The printed Newsletter is circulated free of cost among various institutions of research and studies in Mathematics within India.

The Birth of the Society

The Ramanujan Mathematical Society (RMS) was founded in 1985 (Registration No. 64/1985, Tiruchirapalli) with the ostensible purpose of promoting mathematics at all levels. Its actual birth could be traced to the 50th annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society held in December 1984 at Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat. On the second day of the conference, (Late) Professor K.S. Padmanabhan, the former Director of the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Chennai gathered some of the participants of the conference and stressed on his view that the country of our size could think of yet another mathematics journal that aimed at both quality and regularity. But then, it was pointed out by Professor Sampathkumar and agreed upon by the rest of the group, that to start such a journal, a mathematics society is required as a launching pad. The matter was deliberated in detail and pursued in depth in the following three months. Finally, in April 1985, a Promoters’ Meeting was convened by Professor R. Balakrishnan at the National College Campus, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, when the move got deep focus. Professor G. Shankaranarayanan was chosen as the first President, Professor R. Balakrishnan as the first Secretary and Professor E. Sampathkumar as the first Academic Secretary. The byelaws were then framed and RMS was officially registered at Tiruchirappalli on 15th July 1985.