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Candidates Profile :

posted Feb 25, 2019, 9:35 AM by RMS Administrator   [ updated Feb 25, 2019, 10:00 AM ]
Dear RMS Member, 

        We are in the process of communicating the procedure for elections while awaiting as many members as possible to update their details. The procedure will not only be communicated to all members individually but also the details will be made available on the webpage prominently as soon as possible. Please bear with us. You will get enough time to follow your prerogative to vote. In the meanwhile, we introduce here the distinguished mathematicians who communicate briefly their visions regarding RMS and other outreach activities through RMS. It is a great sign that people have come forward.

Presidential Candidates:
1. Prof.  Rajeeva Karandikar - Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai. - PROFILE

 2.  Prof. S.  Ponnusamy – IIT Madras, Chennai. - PROFILE

Vice-Presidential Candidates:
1. Prof. K.  Srinivas -The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. - PROFILE

2. Prof.  Ambat Vijayakumar – Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi. - PROFILE

1. Prof. S. A. Katre - University of Poona, Pune. - PROFILE

2. Prof. Purnima Gupta - University of Delhi, Delhi.

3. Prof. Ashish Kumar Upadhyay – IIT Patna, Patna. - PROFILE

4. Prof. Jugal K. Prajapat – Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer. - PROFILE

B. Sury, 
Secretary RMS.