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posted Jan 22, 2019, 9:34 PM by RMS Administrator   [ updated Feb 20, 2019, 8:44 PM ]
Dear RMS Members,  

Dates for updation of members details are extended till March 1st. We request all the members to update their details soon. 

Greetings from the Secretary on behalf of the RMS!

Later this year, a new Executive Committee is expected to take over. In this respect, elections will be held for certain posts. Very soon, we will upload on this page (and also inform all of you individually) the names of the distinguished people who will be contesting the elections and also a write-up about them and their visions for the future of the RMS. However, before that, we would like to make sure that ALL members' names and their correct contact details are available with us so that the voting process can take place smoothly and fairly.

I urge you all to LOGIN into RMS website using your RMS user credentials (if you don't remember, then kindly write a mail to admin@ramanujanmathsociety.org for help), update your phone number/email address etc or inform the same to administrator. 

I request you to do this by 10th February, 2019. We hope to have a corrected complete list of members 
before we explain the voting process. I invite all of you to kindly revert back as soon as possible, and positively by the 31st.

Secretary RMS.

Instruction for Login into the system.

Steps : 
1. Visit - http://www.ramanujanmathsociety.org
2. Click on Member from the menu bar
3. Click on HERE under Already Member 
4. Enter the user credentials 
5. If you dont remember password then click on Forgot Password
6. Enter your registered email -> Click on Get it (Wait for 5 min, you'll receive the password to your email)
7. Enter the User name & Password
8. Click on Login
9. Click on Member button -> Click on Profile 
10. Click on View/Modify 
11. Click on Show  (Wait for few seconds)
12. Select the option from the dropdown for which you want to change value 
13. Enter the value in the text box 
14. Click on Modify
15. Click on Logout   

Please find the video links, which gives step by step instructions to login & using the system.

Retrieve the forgot password : Video Link 

Updating the information : Video Link 

Announcement Regarding Elections : Forelections