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Proof without Words

posted Apr 5, 2015, 11:52 PM by RMS Administrator

Proof without Words is the central theme for the first issue of At Right Angles for 2015 (Issue IV-1). Quite a challenge even for those accustomed to crisp and succinct arguments. Check out the collection of visual proofs we have assembled for the March issue. We also feature an interesting way to calculate square roots and cube roots. ‘Paradoxes’ links language and math and this is followed by a thought provoking article on ‘Generalization and Specialization’. With this issue we begin a new series called ‘Low Floor High Ceiling Tasks’. Mark Kleiner has reviewed ‘Love and Math’ Regular features continue and the pullout continues the two part series on geometry. The link to the soft copy  is http://teachersofindia.org/en/periodicals/right-angles-march-2015   .  .


      We have now crossed 1500 regular readers who receive the magazine -apart from the many who download soft copies. If you are not so already and would like to be on our subscriber’s list and receive the hard copy regularly please do mail your postal address to AtRightAngles@apu.edu.in  Please note that the mailing of hard copies is restricted to India.

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