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Kudos to Prof. Vijay Amabatkumar

posted Jul 8, 2014, 5:57 PM by RMS Administrator   [ updated Sep 5, 2014, 7:59 PM ]
Dear RMS members,

In my previous e-mail, I have informed you about the RMS initiative in starting the Regional Programmes. Under this rubric, we have started the UG Teachers Enrichment prorgammes (UGTEs). You may read about these programmes on the RMS web-site. 

In addition, the ex-RMS President Prof. Phoolan Prasad has started joint programmes with Aziz Premji University for high school teachers. You may read about these programmes 
also on the RMS web-site. 

Prof. Ambat Vijayakumar is one of the prime movers in this direction.

Something unusual about Prof. Vijayakumar in our present world: He politely declined the honorarium we sent to him for his work! He said that his work is simply his "social commitment to enhance the potential and interest of the fellow teachers, esp from schools".

The sentiment expressed by Prof. Vijatakumar is admirable! It reminded me of an old Sanskrit stanza, I learnt in my school-days:

"Na Chor-haaryam, na cha Raaja-haaryam, Na Bhraatru-bhaajyam, Na cha bhaar-kaari,
 Vyaye krute vardhata-eva-nityam, Vidyaa-dhanam sarva-dhanaat pradhaanam!"

[[No thief can steal it, No authority can snatch it, No sibling can  divide it,  Nor is it heavy to carry,

The more one shares it, The more it expands, Knowledge (Vidyaa) is indeed the best among all wealths!

--- And Mathematics is indeed among the best parts of this Vidyaa!!]]

Kudos to Prof. Vijayakumar!!