Prof.C.S.Venkitaraman Memorial Lectures

Prof. C. S. Venkitaraman(1918-1994), popularly known as C.S.V was born on 14 th September 1918 at Chelakkara in Thrissur District of Kerala. He was an eminent mathematician and a dedicated teacher. Tall, erect, well – dressed and with keen searching eyes, C.S.V had a magnetic personality. More...

C.S.V served the cause of mathematics teaching well during his long career as a teacher at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. He enjoyed teaching to students at lower levels. He motivated his students properly and he was in the habit of drawing illustrations from every day life while introducing new concepts. C.S.V was a member of Indian Mathematical Society ever since 1945. It was C.S.V who represented Kerala at conferences and meetings for a long time. C.S.V took pleasure in pursuing mathematics and in particular number theory. He derived a new identity for multiplicative functions of two variables. Vaidyanatha Swami’s identity for multiplicative functions which appeared in Trans.Amer. Math Soc. in 1931 can be deduced from that of C. S. V..He was awarded PhD degree by Madras university in 1952 for his thesis entitled ‘Contributions to the theory of multilplicative functions’.Dr. A.C.Vasu and Dr. R.Sivaramakrishnan were his doctoral students.

Due to C. S. V’s active interest in research, the Department of Mathematics, Sree Kerala Varma College was recognized as a research centre for Mathematics by the University of Kerala in 1961.C.S.V’s tenure of office at this college was a golden era of the mathematics department. He didn’t accept principal ship as that would deprive him of his passion to do mathematics teaching. CSV passed away on 16 th of March 1994

CSV Trust : His children, well wishers and former colleagues have formed a trust in his memory which organizes several programmes to promote mathematics. Prof. CSV memorial prizes are awarded to the toppers of the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (Kerala) . Endowment lectures are being arranged in the annual conferences of the RMS since 1995.

Speakers of Prof.C. S. Venkataraman Memorial Lectures
2004 19th RMS Meeting at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University S.Bhargava
Ravi K. Kulkarni
2003 18th RMS Meeting at Annamalai University S. Parvathi
B. S Kiranagi 
2002 17th RMS Meeting at Banaras Hindu University M. K. Sen
Geetha S. Rao
2001 16th RMS Meeting at Fergusson College, Pune B. D. Acharya
A. P. Singh
2000 15th RMS Meeting at University of Madras R. Parimala
1999 14th RMS Meeting at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore T. Soundarajan
1998 13th RMS Meeting at M.S.University, Trinelveli P. Kannappan
1997 12th RMS Meeting at Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engg. Shimoga, Karnataka Balwant Singh
1996 11th RMS Meeting at Maulan Azad College of Technology S. Ramanan


Sponsor of Prof.C.S.Venkataraman Memorial Lectures

Mrs. Brinda Ravindran
Dr.C.S.Venkataraman Memorial Trust
Epsilon, Kunnath Lane
Thrissur – 680001   Kerala State