Prof. W.H.Abdi Memorial Lecture

Professor Wazir Hasan Abdi (1922-1999), joined as the founder Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Cochin in 1977. His teaching career started in 1943 in a degree college in Lucknow which extended to many other institutions in other parts of India, like R.E.C., Srinagar, Aligarh University etc. and also to other countries like Poland, Romania, Yougoslavia, Canada and Australia.

Born on July 1, 1922 at Jaunpur (U.P), he took his M.A (Mathematics) from Aligarh University in 1942. He completed his Ph.D thesis entitled “A Study of q-Laplace Transforms” in 1962 under the guidance of Prof.R.P.Agarwal of Lucknow University. He was also awarded Ph.D. degree (h.c) by the University of Adelaide in 1969, where he worked from 1967 to 1976.

His research interests were mainly in q-function theory, bibasic functional equations and discrete analytic function theory. He was also an exponent in the History of Mathematics and Science, especially on Hindu-Arab-Persian contributions and has written several popular articles on Philosophy of Science. He has also authored several books for children, in Hindi, on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, Copernicus and other scientists. His book entitled “TOILS AND TRIUMPHS OF SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN-THE MAN AND THE MATHEMATICIAN” (National Publishing House, Jaipur (1992) is an excellent addition to the already existing volumes on Ramanujan.

Prof. Abdi was the Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (India), National Institute of Ecology, Indian Association of History and Philosophy of Science and Member of Indian Mathematical Society, Vice-President of Indian Society for History of Mathematics and the President of Bharat Ganita Parishad. He was also the Project-in-charge, History of Science and Technology in India during the Medieval Period (Sponsored by the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, CSIR). He has also served as member of the Board of Studies in several universities. He was also a member of the National Commission for compilation of History of Sciences in India.

Abdi Endowment:

During his tenure as the Head of the Department from 1977-1982, he was successful in creating a research atmosphere in the department and was also instrumental in organizing many refresher courses for school and college teachers and the Annual Conference of National Academy of Sciences in 1981. In 1979 the department started a P.G.Diploma Course in Operations Research and Computer Applications, the first of its kind in the country, which was upgraded to an M.Sc. programme in 1985. Acclaimed by all as a great visionary, an innovative, exciting teacher, he became a friend, philosopher and guide for many in the University. The love, regard and respect that his students and colleagues had towards him, was rightfully acknowledged by forming an “Abdi Endowment” in 1982. Since then prizes are given to the first rank holders of MSc(Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research &Computer Applications).


Speakers of Professor W.H. Abdi Memorial Lectures
2004 19th RMS Meeting at Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University K.R. Parthasarathy
2003 18th RMS Meeting at Annamalai University S. Kumaresan
2002 17th RMS Meeting at Banaras Hindu University K.B.S.Passi
2000 15th RMS Meeting at University of Madras   K.R.Unni
2001 16th RMS Meeting at Fergusson College, Pune M.S.Raghunathan


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