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JRMS-Information For Authors

The Journal publishes each year one volume of four numbers - one each in March, June, September and December are published.

Editorial Policy

The journal publishes high-quality original contributions in all areas of mathematics. All papers submitted to the journal go through a peer-review process.

Submission of Papers

Original papers should be sent to the editor whose field is closest or to the Managing Editor. A rough description of the field of the editors is given below.

EditorEmailField of the Editor
R. Parimalaparimala@mathcs.emory.eduAlgebra and Combinatorics
N. Anantharaman            nalini.anantharaman@math.u-psud.frDynamical Systems & PDE
V. Geometry
P. Algebraic Geometry
B V Rajarama Bhat Quantum Probability, Operator Algebras and Operator Theory 
Rajendra Bhatia Matrix Analysis, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory 
V. Chari Representation Theory and Combinatorics 
George Elliott Operator Algebras, K-Theory, Non-Commutative Geometry 
Ravi S. Geometry, Geometric Analysis and Riemann SurfaceS. Kumars
S. Kumar Geometric Methods in Representation Theory 
M. Pavaman Murthy Algebra and Geometry 
D. Prasaddprasad@math.tifr.res.inNumber Theory and Topology
Bangere P. Purnaprajna Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry 
D. Ramakrishnan Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry 
Shankar Senss70@cornell.eduAlgebraic Number Theory
K. Soundararajan Number Theory 
R. Sujatha Algebra and Number Theory 
S., amulev@gmail.comHarmonic analysis, Functional analysis, Partial differential equations
M. Vanninathanvanni@math.tifrbng.res.inPartial Differential Equation, Numerical Analysis, Control and Homogenization

By submitting a paper to this journal, authors should certify that the results have not been published elsewhere, and that once accepted for publication in JRMS, will not be published elsewhere. Each paper should contain a short descriptive abstract and key-words.

Proofs and Reprints

Authors will receive galley proofs. Corrected galley proofs should be sent to the Managing Editor. The final print ready PDFs will be sent to the authors for confirmation.