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Vol. 27 No.1 - Mar 2012

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Table of Contents

 Title  Authors Abstract
 A local global theorem for extended ideals  Himanee Apte, Pratyusha Chattopadhyay and Ravi A. Rao  
 A degree map on unimodular rows  J. Fasel  
 Proper holomorphic maps of plane domains of finite connectivity  Gollakota V V Hemasundar  
 On the birationality of the adjunction mapping of projective varieties  Andreas Leopold Knutsen  
 Level 10 analogues of Ramanujan’s series for 1/π Shaun Cooper 
 Locally potentially equivalent Galois representations  Vijay M. Patankar and C.S. Rajan  -View-
 Homogeneous bundles over abelian varieties Michel Brion 

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